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A test of Webelements and local history.

As an excuse to see if Google Webelements works here, a map of the village in which I live.

It does seem to work, but switching between Visual and HTML modes seems to remove the iframe code! Madness.

Anyway, recently I have been doing some research into RAF Wrexham (I appear to have modified this article from this state a while back).

Click to Enlarge!
Click to Enlarge!
This image to the left is a map of aforementioned RAF station I have been working on over the last few weeks. Getting information on this is scarce, as with most RAF bases in the immediate postwar period that were sold off (This particular one became a quarry), however I feel I have it down accurate enough. However, there appears to have been a lot of activity there due to surrounding bases being too boggy to land at, and the paved runways at Wrexham offered a dry haven.

The below map shows what it looks like today. Compare it to the map I have created and it can be seen there is much difference!

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