Everything and Anything


Or jobs, to the common uneducated man.

I’ve been for a job interview at the very very posh Ramada Plaza hotel. £120 per night, but i didn’t stay over. It’s for a job with Avox as a Data Analyst with spreadsheets. It’s on the Wrexham Industrial Estate which is the largest purposefully built Industrial Estate in Europe, if not the UK.

I’ve also applied to GAME, HMV and Woolworths for temporary Christmas jobs. I hope to get responses soon!

This damned car is evil. There is still no news, except last night I discovered it’s not around the back anymore, so they must be working on it again. That ignition coil had better work or I’m going to call up that Mr Tarbuck and tell him to stuff the deal! >:(

Oh yes. Also, since everyone of my posts must contain geekyness, Lost Season Three starts tonight in the US of A. Which means in the U of the K, I’ll be watching it tomorrow! :p

EDIT: Yay! Phone call from Mr Tarbuck! The car will be ready on Friday to pickup! Woooooo. Expect Piccies then!

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