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Hello Again.

If the last postulation confused you, don’t be confused. It was just a yearly Internet fad which is actually fast growing into a real life thingy.

In other news, my car has still not arrived. It’s been delayed for weeks because the ECU went on it when they were bringing it around the front, then it blew again because the Ignition Coil was gone. (A conclusion my dad came to weeks ago).

My Dad, last week, went to London for a ‘do. He came home with over 160 bottles of J20, that orange drink you get from bars. We’ve been drinking it down fast because it goes out of date at the end of this month.
Things are looking up though, since we recieved, *with compliments* a free Roadside Breakdown insurance thingy yesterday. Now how could they get insurance like that for a car which is already broken down? I think it’s fixed, but yesterdayy the salesman wasn’t there. Sigh.

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I feel bored about my own life and so need to criticise others lives, using an anonymus proxy to hide myself.

I probably know Born_Acorn myself, but can’t be bothered to reveal who I am. Oh well.

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