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Rover 25!

Finally, my new car has arrived! As said before, it’s a Rover 25, British Racing Green, with a 1.4 Litre engine, 16 valves. A previous owner, who coindicentally lives but not two “blocks” over on Smelt Road.

I drove it home on Friday evening, but a lack of batteries for the camera, then darkness, then going to Cardiff to see Wales lose to Slovakia, then more darkness, then sleep prevented me from taking photos until today.
Rover 25!

For those of you not in the know, or from another country, the L = Learner, as I’m still provisional. (Can’t get past the test yet, but with this extra practice, hopefully I will.)

For more photographs, see my Gallery Space

6 replies on “Rover 25!”

niiiiice, how much is the insurance?

Unlucky you chose to go see wales’ heaviest home defeat since 1908 though 🙁

Well, it was only after we bought it we figured out it was a class 7 insurance, resulting in £1332, which is £111 a month.

The Wales match was silly indeed. Everyone started leaving after the first few goals, and the remainders started chanting for Toshack to get out. :p

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