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Ah. The Joys of Wikipedia.

Im sure you have all been there. Read it. Edited it. Have accounts with hundreds of contributions, but recently I discovered the joys of just adding everything you know for fact to Wikipedia. I already did know about Wikipedia, and had done the odd anonymous edit, but recently Ive started many articles about my local area. I won’t stop until I have all of my local area or North Wales covered! I have many facts on railways and local industry for reference >:D

3 replies on “Ah. The Joys of Wikipedia.”

Ah yes, being a wikipedian is kind of fun.
My nephew does that for entertainment.
I guess it’s quite a cheap way to entertain yourself, compared to games 😮
Plus he knows quite a lot about various subjects.

Wikipedia does rule. I have sysop on the norwegian wikipedia, and a couple of thousand edits. Allthough i lost interest and patience for it when my life changed recently, it is a lot of fun when you got patience and time, and it’s pretty rewarding when someone gives positive feedback, or even someone in real life tells you they read an article o yours and enjoyed it.

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