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Merry Year and a Happy New Christmas… or something like that.

It is now 2006. A whole ‘nother year. My “new years resolution” is to get a job. In feburary a PC World opens in town. Maybe I should go for a job there. They do all the training :p

I really need the money. Not only is this computer getting older by the second, its struggling to play the newest games, and there are a whole lot of cool games coming up this year. Especially Supreme Commander, the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation.

4 replies on “Merry Year and a Happy New Christmas… or something like that.”

Ah yes, a job…
I’m too lazy for one.
But I hope to get some more clients to code websites for, or something.
I need money for the exact same reasons 🙁

Anyhow, Merry Year to you too.

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