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Why, oh why did I upgrade?

Im talking about PaFileDB, by the way, which has become the WORST possible file database to integrate into my site design, which, last version, integration was only really hard. Im guessing they really do not want you to integrate it with your website so they can get more attention. Here’s mine, whereas before, it actually had the nav bar and webring code to the side and underneath. The upgrade seems to have guzzled up the stats page too. Although there are now well over 200 downloads on all files. Perhaps I should see if there is some sort of way to get “top downloaded files” to show on the Index somewhere. That’d be cool.

Oh yes. I have quite a nasty cold too. All the coughing has caused me to tear some ligaments in my ribcage, making it hurt whenever I do anything, including coughing, which Im doing a lot 🙁

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You upgraded since the old version had an EVIL SECURITY HOLE in it that let SPAMMERS onto the server sending out loads of junk to AOL addresses! How evil.

Anyway, the new version uses Smarty, doesn’t it? In theory, it should be quite straightforward to integrate, even if you just have to copy/paste your top/left .shtml bits into the code (as opposed to just file-including them). That would be the theory.

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