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Fixulations of a car.

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

I’ve modified Tenebrae’s blog title to fit this post! Mwahahahaha!
Reparations of a road vehicle.
The car is FIXED. Hurray! Finally I can leave behind the people matchbox known as a service bus, with it’s smoky smell created by unruly teenagers and the exorbitant prices for three miles. For many weeks now I’ve had to wait in all conditions for that bus, and it’s been most very cold and very wet, as well as very dark. As the nights are now continuously getting lighter, greater care can be taken to ensure I don’t make mistakes while driving again.

Where next? I shall wait until April, when I shall get a new car. Why April? My computer tells me that is when I bought it, meaning a full year of credit card. By then my credit limit on my card should have been upgraded largely, as well as the credit rating I have, allowing my loans to be larger. What should I get? Any suggestions in a comment below. (or above, I forget where the button is.)


Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Looks like the morons in Leeds have sent us a Rover 75 radiator, which is like a third the extra length. Looks like I won’t be driving for another week. However, a quick trip to “Wrexham Radiators” in town bought us the right one. Here’s them compared. The right one is at the top.
Wrong and Right radiator
Apparently the wrong one is for a Rover 45. Pretty stupid as the rest of the parts we ordered were for a 25. Arrrgh more. However, a quick trip to a local breakers yard has revealed a similar 25, in a similar conundrum, except it was hit on the passenger side, meaning everything we need is really cheap and really intact. Tomorrow we shall be going to collect said pieces.

It seems however, that my car has an alarm related to the bonnet, as it sporadically goes off when locked now, and always goes off when the bonnet is lifted. Evil.

Repairs are in hand

Mine’s bigger than yours.

Friday, January 18th, 2008

New 55-200mm lens

So, I bought a new lens. I haven’t been anywhere with it to be able to photograph anything at all of interest, and the weather is poor, so there’s no “showcase shots” yet, apart from a few on the Flickr.

This weekend, for which rain has been forecasted, is the weekend on which we are to fix my car. Most parts have arrived, and the headlight that didn’t come doesn’t really matter because the current smashed one still works. I only need a new indicator case now.

I also feel inclined to show a picture of the mini Big-Daddy I have come into ownership of:

Big Daddy

As can be seen, he is in good health and well cared for.

Compydoo fixage

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

CPU Heatsink

Reseated the CPU three more times and hey presto, it works. It’s a bit fiddly, this new CPU. I’ve ordered an external 500GB eSATA drive as I’m low on space. I already have an eSATA slot, but it comes with a PCI eSATA card anway. Madness I say.

2007 > 2008

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

2007 has been a particularly interesting year for me. It started on a high with my first full time job at Avox. (In fact it’s my first Avoxiversary tomorrow). The working year ended with a nice Christmas Dinner with the fellow Quality Assurance peeps and then a nice Bowling session with all.

As a result of said steady income, I was finally able to get a high end computer, which, right now, has decided to play silly buggers with the even newer Quad Core CPU I bought (more below). I’ve also been able to obtain a proper Mp3 player, a Creative Zen Vision:M, which seems to be built like a tank (it once fell off the dashboard out an open window on a mini-rounabout in town, and I still retrieved it unscathed). It’s also filled with all sorts of features. I’ve also gone through four digital cameras, starting with a medium-low end Olympus, then even further down to a shitey ViviCam (seriously, wtf?) 5660, then up to a top of the range (for a compact, and at the time) Samsung NV11, and now finally onto a Nikon D40 DSLR camera. Hurray! Apart from that I’ve bought practically every new well anticipated game this year that isn’t still held in a box by the publishers.

I’ve also attended the TT-Forums meeting in Birmingham which was really fun, for a pub, and then there was Gran Canaria, which, while hot and sticky (I hate hot weather, give me cold, while perfect visibility), was also extremely seedy and tacky. Seriously, even the cheaply obtained goods try to sell you things. “YOU’VE WON A FREE HOLIDAY HOUSE JUST BY MAKING EYE CONTACT” – Gah, please, I’d rather France. Everyone just doesn’t care there, and that’s all you need.

Then there was also the incident involving my car and the other car and the damage incurred. Well, I’ve gotten most of the damaged bodywork off now, and everything underneath is looking quite unscathed. I only need the new radiator and light to get it on the move. But gah, really, they just don’t seem to be arriving. >:( If I can’t get my car fixed soon I’ll just stop caring and buy a new car.

Here’s to 2008, may it be an even better year, assuming I don’t die or the apocalypse happens. (I’m an optimist, me.)

Now, my computer. The CPU. I had this problem while installing it, it was just a case of reseating the CPU and heat sink to make it work. The only problem is that the current Intel heat sinks are so shitty to install correctly, it gets really frustrating. What made it even more frustrating yesterday was that after I’d put the old, surplus heat sink on quite simply and quickly (even thought it’s identical to the current one), I realised there was no thermal paste on it and didn’t want to risk anything so resorted to the newer one again. I finally got the newer one on after much pressure and worrying that I’d break the motherboard, only to find that reseating it didn’t work. I’ll try again later, after I have something to remove stray particles in the actual CPU socket.