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Looks like the morons in Leeds have sent us a Rover 75 radiator, which is like a third the extra length. Looks like I won’t be driving for another week. However, a quick trip to “Wrexham Radiators” in town bought us the right one. Here’s them compared. The right one is at the top.
Wrong and Right radiator
Apparently the wrong one is for a Rover 45. Pretty stupid as the rest of the parts we ordered were for a 25. Arrrgh more. However, a quick trip to a local breakers yard has revealed a similar 25, in a similar conundrum, except it was hit on the passenger side, meaning everything we need is really cheap and really intact. Tomorrow we shall be going to collect said pieces.

It seems however, that my car has an alarm related to the bonnet, as it sporadically goes off when locked now, and always goes off when the bonnet is lifted. Evil.

Repairs are in hand

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