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Fixulations of a car.

I’ve modified Tenebrae’s blog title to fit this post! Mwahahahaha!
Reparations of a road vehicle.
The car is FIXED. Hurray! Finally I can leave behind the people matchbox known as a service bus, with it’s smoky smell created by unruly teenagers and the exorbitant prices for three miles. For many weeks now I’ve had to wait in all conditions for that bus, and it’s been most very cold and very wet, as well as very dark. As the nights are now continuously getting lighter, greater care can be taken to ensure I don’t make mistakes while driving again.

Where next? I shall wait until April, when I shall get a new car. Why April? My computer tells me that is when I bought it, meaning a full year of credit card. By then my credit limit on my card should have been upgraded largely, as well as the credit rating I have, allowing my loans to be larger. What should I get? Any suggestions in a comment below. (or above, I forget where the button is.)

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I’m probably going to try for an Astra. My current insurance group is 6, yet the Astra 5dr 1.6 is group 5. There are plenty of used Astras around for below £4000, some of them are pretty new.

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