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Compydoo fixage

CPU Heatsink

Reseated the CPU three more times and hey presto, it works. It’s a bit fiddly, this new CPU. I’ve ordered an external 500GB eSATA drive as I’m low on space. I already have an eSATA slot, but it comes with a PCI eSATA card anway. Madness I say.

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I don’t know how! I can’t go internal because the case is far too small and the 8800GTS wires would block any further internal ones. See the other Flickr photos, while it should theoretically fit, the entire HDD houses spins to be able to fit them in, it won’t close. I learned this when installing the last one, as can be seen, it’s on the bottom rack as a result.

The de-blacking can probably be done by editing the appropriate bit of wp-content/themes/blue-snail-10/style.css – check what classes the text boxes are listed under (if a custom one), and edit as appropriate. With regards to the case stuff, then ah, yes – the ATI card I’m borrowing from my friend is hugely long, and makes things somewhat awkward for the hard disks at the end of it. Everything’s a bit squashed up.

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