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Woots of doom. Its a new blog post!

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

So. I tried out this new Star Wars : Empire at War demo, and what can I say? I loved it. I will be getting that game next month ‘fo sure. should be rather helpful there. This and Supreme Commander, Chris Taylors next really cool wargame, will be my buys planned for this year.

Unfortunately, I still can’t get smarty working on my pafiledb. I’m a big noob, and need help. The people at Phparena smell at support, because they don’t give out any documentation, but instead send you to smarty documentation, which doesn’t explain anything. If anyone reading this knows smarty, can they please help me! Argh!.

Why, oh why did I upgrade?

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Im talking about PaFileDB, by the way, which has become the WORST possible file database to integrate into my site design, which, last version, integration was only really hard. Im guessing they really do not want you to integrate it with your website so they can get more attention. Here’s mine, whereas before, it actually had the nav bar and webring code to the side and underneath. The upgrade seems to have guzzled up the stats page too. Although there are now well over 200 downloads on all files. Perhaps I should see if there is some sort of way to get “top downloaded files” to show on the Index somewhere. That’d be cool.

Oh yes. I have quite a nasty cold too. All the coughing has caused me to tear some ligaments in my ribcage, making it hurt whenever I do anything, including coughing, which Im doing a lot 🙁

Ah. The Joys of Wikipedia.

Monday, January 9th, 2006

Im sure you have all been there. Read it. Edited it. Have accounts with hundreds of contributions, but recently I discovered the joys of just adding everything you know for fact to Wikipedia. I already did know about Wikipedia, and had done the odd anonymous edit, but recently Ive started many articles about my local area. I won’t stop until I have all of my local area or North Wales covered! I have many facts on railways and local industry for reference >:D

Merry Year and a Happy New Christmas… or something like that.

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

It is now 2006. A whole ‘nother year. My “new years resolution” is to get a job. In feburary a PC World opens in town. Maybe I should go for a job there. They do all the training :p

I really need the money. Not only is this computer getting older by the second, its struggling to play the newest games, and there are a whole lot of cool games coming up this year. Especially Supreme Commander, the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation.