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No photos.

It’s all them ramblers fault. They keep parking their obnoxiously large 4x4s, complete with pointlessly towed trailer in the small parking spaces on the side of the roads, where I usually park to find some photographic locations. Not only that, but GWYNEDD COUNTY COUNCIL ARE BASTARDS WHEN IT COMES TO PARKING FEES. They can charge obscene prices, such as £7.50 a day. The SNPA aren’t much better – £4.50 for a day, even when there’s a free car park down the road.

What are they trying to do? I mean, people are going to park somewhere. To the side of the road, with most of them. There aren’t any traffic wardens in rural locales, so people find it easy to park on double yellow lines. I spent 20 minutes navigating through Beddgelert, a small village that should only take two minutes to drive through, just because of these people, and oncoming vehicles challenging the priority. As a result of this, no photos.

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