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Car Recalled!

I recieved a letter today from Vauxhall that states my car is being recalled as there is a fault with my specific engine model that could possibly cause oil to “self-ignite”. Dangerous.

No worries though, as the rectification is free! My only question is how did Vauxhall know I own it? Certainly the previous owner would have been given the letter?

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V5 logbook – when you bought the car, it had to be changed to your details. Car tax – addressed to you. Vauxhall goes through the central registration looking for all people who own that type of car as well as their own records. Or rather, they ask the DMV (OK, I’ve forgotten the real name right now and my wife is a Merkin!) to give them the details of everyone with an Astra of a certain age that is still on the road.

I was going to say the same thing, Vauxhall probably contacted the DVLA or whoever knows who owns what and then contacted every person with a such and such Astra.

Bullocs. Someone saw you had a Vuxhall in your driveway, wanted it so they could sell it, tricked you into thinking the car company was recalling them and cleverly and effortlessly stole your car.

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