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Chris and Owen take on Bournemouth

So, me and orudge (Owen) went to see Sigur Rós in Bournemouth last night. orudge drove practically the length of the country, and I only went half way!

Well, I’m a convert. The whole event was awesome. The support band was okay as well. I didn’t get any pictures because the iphone camera is a bit backwards, and I didn’t bring my camera as people who own DSLRs get arrested under terrorism laws these days.

Now to buy some albums over iTunes!

When I returned I had computer issues. Dust has completely damaged the CPU heatsink, and when I cleaned and reseated it, it wouldn’t seat properly, and the computer would turn off by the time the logon screen finished. Reusing my old, original CPU heatsink worked a wonder, and now it all works again, but I’ll need a new CPU heatsink for the long term. Suggestions people?

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