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After the photos I took a few weeks back of the Alwen Dam, on Oct 5th, I think, I noticed the sun glare could easily be stopped with a lens hood. Just holding the one from the 55-200mm lens over the 18-55 doesn’t really work because the field of view just includes a dark circle, so I invested in the HB-45 lens hood. This is designed for the 18-55, and fits on the end quite nicely. I also bought a Hoya UV filter on a recommendation. I did, and after attempting to use it the wrong way for a while, the results can be seen in photos I took yesterday, here. But unlike that Jessops link for the lens hood, I didn’t pay £10.99 for one, I paid around £7.99 from, who were using some other company. Now though, they’re using another dealer who is selling for £19,99!

I also bought an ML-13 remote, which will allow for less button mashing when using a tripod, and self portraits. Amazon seems to have stopped selling this altogether. Must have been when the company who were selling for them withdrew.

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My 18-200mm lens came with a very nice Lens Hood but I haven’t had the chance to take many pictures with it. The genius of Vibration Reduction though is really rather impressive and I don’t have to faff around changing lenses, especially as I traded in my 18-55mm kit lens in order to afford the 18-200mm lens which wasn’t… erm… cheap, shall we say.

But changing lens means that you can’t seamlessly take loads of pictures from different lengths. And now I have a really cool lens that extends to nearly a foot long! 😛

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