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A whole month of Work

So, I’ve been at work for a whole month now, and It’s going great. They’ve announced we’ll all be going permanent in the next few weeks, and the money is really coming in at £170ish a week. I’ve been randomly buying everything! But I’m really saving my money for the new computer I’m really needing, now that my current one is officially obsolete, in it’s single core, under 800mb RAM, FX5200 Graphics card ways.

My day now goes like this:

  • Get up
  • Get ready
  • Go on irc for half an hour
  • Spend half an hour getting to work (four miles away through traffic)
  • Work from nine to half ten for break
  • Then work til 1PM for lunch
  • Then work til 3PM for another break
  • Work til 5PM when I come home
  • Unwind and write silly blog posts in list format.

As opposed to before:

  • Sleep til 3PM
  • Computer til 3AM

An improvement, no? I spend weekends driving around North West Wales.

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I want a job 🙁

Of course I am co-owner of a company, but we’re not actually making any profit, so that doesn’t really give me to much money.
Which is paradoxical because it doesn’t really motivate me to put in too much work for it, either :p

Is that £170/week after tax, then?

Zernebok is pulling in some money. But not quite living wages, let’s say. I could do with a job of some sort because, well, all this travelling has proved to be a bit more expensive than planned, but I don’t really have time. Ah well, this summer the plan will be to work somehow or other, whether in London with Morgan Stanley (if I’m very lucky) on an internship, or in Mold in Tesco (if I can figure out how to apply for jobs and stuff like that). 😛

I’m amazed. The same job as me, same town as me, car enthusiast, and an IRC nerd?

I never thought I’d find another of my kind after I moved to Wrexham! :p I was more under the impression that Wrexham + IRC = null, but I was proved wrong.

btw, what’s the job like? I googled “avox wrexham industrial estate” and this happened to be the first listing :p

Ooh, hello. The same here, I’ve never met anyone else in the Wrexham area who’s heard of anything more than MSN (or maybe AIM).

I find the job quite good. It’s not too hard, I find some of the work slightly interesting (Proctor and Gamble own everything in the bathroom?), and the people are all quite nice too.

Proctor and Gamble, I have stocks with them! They make Pringles. My weakness. 🙁 except for one sad bit. The flavour that happens to be the most awesome in the USA isnt made here.

Its called Cheezums. Maybe I’ll bring some to work whenever I start. defo hired, but just no start date yet.


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