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Time for a new Hard Drive.

But I don’t know the first thing about it, since I haven’t done it before. (ever) How does it work? Can anyone point to a page that explains it all? All I can find is DIY pages which are not a great help.

Some answers I want.

Is it possible to get a new hard drive to act as an extension to my current one?

Or does it appear in “My Computer” as a new drive letter, and which whats all this about master and slave, and how does that work?

I am a total noob at this, and know little about it. A little help would be appreciated :O

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Ask me when I’m less inebriated. Basically, it’ll appear as a new drive in My Computer, unless you do fancy tricks. I wouldn’t advise you try the fancy tricks, just create a new partition on the new drive.

A 250GB HD is some 86-110 euros, which isn’t very much at all. 250GB hard drives are usually the cheapest in terms of euros per GB.

So yes, if you want help with this, just ask in #tycoon, I’m sure orudge/me/others can help 😉

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