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Hmm. Get a permanent job?

I am soo thinking about it. My college year is ending in 3 months time, and then I am alone. But where to work? There is only one place around here where I can easily get a job and that is the Airbus Wing making factory, which, makes the wings for all airbus planes. They are always looking for workers due to their high labour turnover rates, caused by uncertain students who work there. Perhaps, I should see what Business Studies grade I get, and if it is good, I could go in for a managerial level, or if not, I could become a dude who puts the wings together!

In other news, my new HDD comes tomorrow, thanks to help and advice from SpComb and orudge. It is 250GB, and should do me for a month or two. According to the tracker, it is currently waiting in a warehouse in Manchester. Not too far away then, they will probably ship it out from there for a tomorrow delivery.Completely unrelated from my life (until I can be bothered to go and volunteer, at least), the Welsh Highland Railway is progressing well in its rebuilding of its line from Caernarfon to Porthmadog to link up with the world famous Ffestiniog Railway, to create a 40 mile heritage railway, the longest in Britain too!

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Permanent job?!

I’d like doing freelance webdesign work or something, but unfortunately I’m relatively bad at designing websites (I’m quite good at coding them though)
I usually blame inspiration 😮

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