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Woo! I drove for the first time ever, and quite perfectly too. The guy even said. Now I know you think “he was controlling it” but he wasn’t. There was no second steering wheel and I could feel whenever he pressed his pedals. It were so cool. I got up to gear 4 and 30mph with no problems and navigated a corner. It was soo cool. Oh look. now Im chuffed. woo me.

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Hehe, I remember in my first lesson I got up to 4th gear and around 60mph! We went on a little trip round some of the outskirts of the East Mainland of Orkney… ah, that was fun. 🙂

Ahh yes, but did the man drive up to the front of your house? He did here! Unfortunately because it was so early for me it all seems “unreal”, but now I look bakc on it (yes, 4 hours ago :P) it seems amazing that *I* was *driving* a *car*

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