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Another Day another Game of Vice City

VC-MP. A new Multiplayer Tool for GTA:Vice-City. Never have I seen such a hive of noobs. They use helicopters non-stop and drive-bys. These overpowered weapons are idiotic. You die almost instantly. It smells. Yet I must play more to do it myself! Mwahahahaha.

Tomorrow morning I have my first ever driving lesson with Mr Payne. Which reminds me! I should stop playing Vice City before I start mowing down pedestrians in RL too!

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Driving is fun, good luck with it! I probably won’t take any lessons in Mold, will likely wait until I get to St Andrews to continue my lessons (hardly worth it for a couple of weeks, really).

I will most probably crash. I tried to drive before on Black Rock beach (Near Porthmadog in North West Wales) I got the car started and moving….. at about 80-90mph towards towards the water. I turned away too fast and almost flipped my dads company car. Never did I drive again!

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