It’s another bank holiday weekends. The goverment of this nation rolls these things like a pair of loaded dice. Now you won’t catch a limey like me flappin his gums, but sittin around yappin don’t put no steak on the table if you catch my drift.

I was ponderin whether or not a young palooka like me should hop into the jalopy with my camera. Strictly on the level, mind you, I ain’t none for taking no photos of no shawl-less dames, y’know.

A gumshoe like me needs to know when to do it and how it needs to be done, y’see. The emptyness of the streets don’t come a’knocking with work and wages, and a fella needs dough to get the bootleg, don’t he.

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  1. Owen Rudge says:

    This post is slightly disturbing.

  2. Born Acorn says:

    A flatfoot like yourself just seems to turn a cold shoulder to a fella and that’s all there is to it.

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