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Crazy Happenings–September to Now

It’s been a while since I last put something on here; and it’s one of those nights in which I’m bored and have nothing better to do than to write on here. So I will.


Shell Island Closing Ceremony

In October, pretty much only two months after Cornwall, we went to Shell Island for the End of Season Bash. This was fun because it kept raining on us and it was cold. But not so much that it was unpleasant.

Shell Island Closing Ceremony

We headed off on Friday – I didn’t have much in the way of holidays left so I booked only a half day of work. Add this to an extra hour I was owed and I had plenty of time to go home, transfer beers from the fridge to the cooler and pack the last things, most of which had gone in the previous night.

After this I drove the 100 metres or so to the local Petrol Station to rendezvous with the others, who left work an hour later. Two of the guys were already there – We had a new driver,Shell Island Closing Ceremony and with him a new car. We got to Shell Island at around 3pm, and unfortunately our spot was taken by a couple of camper vans. So we ended up in the middle of a field facing the mainland. Not bad as we got to see the full effect of the tide coming in, as with the guy in the water just up there.

We had three tents to put up and it was dark before we were done; with piss poor karaoke being played over massively loud speakers while we did it. We headed to the marquee once done and drank some, and ate some of the burgers they had. Unfortunately the wind had been tearing at the tents all night, and caused some damage to the larger one.

Shell Island Closing Ceremony

The following day was also wet, so we went to Barmouth because there was some sort of off road thing happening on the Beach. But as it started raining we instead went to the shop and then the chip shop for food.

We headed back to camp and then lit the fire for a while before heading to the Marquee to get drunk and also to see the big fireworks show. The morning after we spent packing up and going home.

And those fireworks:



Wrexham Lager!

Not much happened in November I think. But I did have a pint of Wrexham Lager, which recently returned to the pubs after a few years.

It was started off way back in 1881, brewed right here in Wrexham and was served around the world on liners and found in Egypt and India. It was brewed right here in Wrexham and was something to be proud of, though to be honest the brewery did make the town smell. Unfortunately it was taken over by Carlsberg who ran it into the ground and closed it down in 2000.

Luckily the brand was purchased and now brewing has resumed with the pre-Carlsberg formula. Which is bloody amazing. Apparently sales are really good, and I wish them well and hope they can expand.


Christmas at the PantHad some Christmas meals in December, of course. One was at the Wynnstay Arms in Llangollen; this was awesome apart from the fact all the cracker prizes were exactly the same.

As well as this we played a few games of pool. I have played this very sparingly ever, so am therefore terrible at it. I was able to film it though!

Another one was at the Pant yr Ochain, which is the only place people can get Purple Moose in this part of the world.


Clywedog Valley WalkIn Jan, went for a walk down through the valley. Not much, but really didn’t do much in that month anyway, seeing as it’s that time of the year in which nobody has any money to spend, either because they’ve spent it all on loved ones at Christmas, or they’re a bit more mean and spent it all on themselves come the sales.

Either way, boring month!


Now this is a mental month, for drinking at least! A works night out as well as somebody’s birthday night out. A week apart. Fun.

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