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Rhyl Airshow

Went to the Rhyl Air Show on Sunday. It was a good day. Even if I did get a £35 PCN for parking on double yellows. But all in all, I spent the whole day taking photos. My telephoto lenses look like tinker toys compared to some of the stuff that I saw there. But all in all, it was an excellent day out.

Rhyl AirshowSome of the displays were awesome, such as the Red Arrows, and the Yakolevs, when one of them stalled their plane deliberately and then somersaulted it in freefall, regained control, and flew on. We waited for a Lancaster bomber to flyover, but unfortunately we were a day late for that, as it was in Mold on the day we went to Rhyl.

On top of those, there were the Breitlung Wingwalkers (previously sponsored by Utterly Butterly), a Spitfire, a Douglas A-1 Skyraider, and the RAF Falcons, who were almost an hour late due to low cloud cover forcing them to forever circle around above.

Eventually they made the jump which meant it was time for us to leave. Rather than get stuck in the traffic, we made a rush for Conwy and stopped there for eating purposes, before heading down through Llanwrst along the A470 and back via the A5.

Rhyl Airshow


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