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Walking it off

It was nice today. So nice in fact that I had to go outside and enjoy the nice weather. No cycling yet, but I took my camera for some local shots.

Coedpoeth and Wrexham Ford and Bridge

Nant Mill

So, that was the days events. We walked up a massive hill, and then across the bracken-filled, pathless waste peat-bog along the top, and then back down to a level lower than the village, so we had to walk up again. Madness. My legs still hurt, and both dogs are down for the count, which is rare as they usually both never tire.

I am contemplating going out again tomorrow with the camera, to add yet more photos to the ever growing collection, if the weather holds, that is. The plus side to all this nice weather is that the aerial is still fine.

Tomorrow evening, I hit the town for drinking. I shall get completely wasted, feel ill, and, of course, cause my father to become devoid of alcohol as he’ll need to pick me up. Curse living three miles away from town. Curses!

Wrexham, and a distant Carden Park

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