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Dragon Boat Racing!

It’s been three days, but whatever.

I'm in the bright yellow T-Shirt
I'm in the bright yellow T-Shirt

On Sunday I went to Chester with half of Avox to experience a dragon boat race. The company was split into two teams, the Tigers and the Dragons. I forget which I was on, and ended up doing being on both anyway, by the end though, I was on my original team, and after wounding one of the other team, we won in a race against them, and also beat their fastest time.

Of course, the weather was better than expected, meaning I didn’t put on any sun lotion and got burned. The fact I was wearing sunglasses made it worse. A lot worse. I looked like an inverse Panda the next day.  Parking was a right arse as well, and I ended up parking in front of a friend to avoid endless walking to the site.

Each team had three races each, and the last race was between the two teams. There were a lot of people around and it was most busy. Between the two races, I wandered out onto a jetty and took some shots of the other team loading.

The other team loads up
The other team loads up

Not having my D40 on me, I had to use a *shudder* compact camera, with it’s traditional grainyness and poor zoom and focus. Not to mention the tiny thing didn’t have much power left, with batteries that can’t be charged, and the SD card was gone, meaning I was limited to the poor internal memory. The cable was missing, meaning I had to get a new one, which is why this post is three days late, hence the rambling about this because I can’t remember anything that happened on the day now. Oh well.

There were some shocking team names there, like “Posh and Decks”, or “Sunk and Disorderly”. I was most impressed with some of the teams speeds, and none of the Avox teams were able to get into the final race, a four boat head off. A shame.

All in all it was an excellent day out, with much fun had by all involved, and if you ever hear of such a competition locally, get your scrawny arses over there, because you’ll love it. Next company outings involve the annual company do, and Paintballing! Woo.

In unrelated news, there is now a Photos page up and running. This uses a script that integrates with Flickr, so go and have a ganders.

This weekend I’m going back out to the countryside with my D40. I’ll bring back images. Really.

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