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So much money.

As I actually have nothing else to pay for, I’ve recently found myself with too much money. So, I’ve been making luxury purchases! The first thing I bought was a Creative Zen Vision:M. I hate iPods. They look funny, are too fiddly, and Steve Jobs has had a hand in them, and I don’t like him either as he has little hair.

I needed a new one, really. My old one was beginning to crash regularly, probably due to several drops down stairs. This new un also has a better and easier to use interface. I basically listen to it during my seven hours of work. Avox are a really cool company. Right now while it’s still growing they really don’t mind what we do. Casual wear (jeans, T-Shirt), mp3 players, heck, people even answer personal phone calls. As long as we pump out the records, they don’t mind.

Anywho, that was last month, I’ve spent the last few days setting up two new things. A new TV Card, and a digital terrestial aerial I bought. The latter took all of Sunday up. I mean. All of it. First it needed assembling, then attaching to the top of the house. We eventually ran the wire to my room to find it’s a tad short and I need to pull out my PC to use it. This Saturday we’ll be rewiring it with a longer one. It’s been quite fun though. I get all channels on freeview through my screen. It’s always on top, so right now while I’m typing this, an ad for Sky Movies Premiere is showing on Sky Three. How fun.

I’m looking forward to the big TT-Forums meet in Birmingham. Not so much meeting everyone else, but the train journey. Having not really been on the network since my Grandad died (he was a British Rail steam engine fireman, then diesel driver, and got practially free transport on the local trains, and a ride in the drivers room), the last time I used a train was to escape from Chester after my Theory test.

I could have driven to Birmingham and found a secure car park, but I’d rather see the world from a train. The tickets are much cheaper than I thought, after hearing all the citicism of high prices in the media.

That’s probably it for the next month or two. I barely update this thing for real anymore. :p

One reply on “So much money.”

“Not so much meeting everyone else, but the train journey.” — and we’re looking forward to meeting you too. 😛 Although, I’m looking forward to my upcoming train journeys, too.

Also, har har – you had to put an aerial on your roof. Living up the mountain, I can pick freeview channels up using a portable aerial! woo!

Sounds like you’re having fun, anyway. No jobs going at your place? I need a job. 🙁

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