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Christmas and associated gifts.

Well well well, another year gone. It’s Christmas again, and the season of giving has arrived. Amongst some of the things I got are:

  • An electric shaver; Finally I can erase those hairs with ease!
  • A “Quad Trekking Experience” at Catton Hall.
  • Bioshock Collectors edition – With a small Big Daddy! Woo.

For myself, using a large amount of money I came into, I bought a DSLR camera. It’s a Nikon D40, which, after trawling through Wrexham’s shops today, I found to be the cheapest, but I got it with a 3 year extended warranty just in case. Cue photos;

Frontal view
Side View
Camera and lens

Now. I realise that in the space of only a single year that this is my fourth camera this year. (1 2 (TT-Meet peeps may remember this one) 3 4), but so what? I must just like buying several cameras!

The parts for the car still haven’t arrived. Grr. I need them so I can get out there and take some photomographs!

5 replies on “Christmas and associated gifts.”

Oh noes, don’t let that RPHarazon know you bought a Nikon! We all know how he gets his knickers in a knot over them.

Nice purchase, I’m looking forward to seeing what you can produce.

Me? I’ve still got my eyes on the Olympus E-3 *grin*.

I believe I’ve seen RPharazon’s feelings toward Nikon before, but I never really care about specific brand names. They’re probably all contracted to the same factory anyway!

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