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So. Its almost been a month since my last post, and the snow, and the Xfire craziness. It is now a whole new month, and April Fools has come and gone, with no mad “I saw Jesus in my toast” or “Michael Jackson appeared in my fogged up window” blog posts for the day of fools.

On the non-hallucinatory side of life, I went to the Trafford centre with the college. Not exactly an educational day out, but nonetheless, i bought the Star Wars trilogy (the original movies), and the game, Rise of Nations. Not only this, but I also recieved a few random games in the last month, as well as The Life of Brian on DVD.

Tomorrow is my theory test for driving. Thats right. In the UK, as soon as you turn 17, you can drive anywhere (except motorways) as long as you have another qualified driver in the car. I must pass my theory test before taking my practical, of which Mr Payne, my friendly driving instructor, will submit me when I am good enough. I can get from A to B through all sorts of traffic obstacles without dying or causing death, so i must be doing good. I can’t wait to drive. I have been a slave to the bus companies for too long! When I pass my test, I can go my own way, suckers!

Edit: Passed

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Hey hey Mr Shoobs! Long time no see/speak. I was with John Payne for my driving too and I managed to pass my practical test yesterday. Woo!

Congratulationifications! I am supposed to be getting a car of sorts soon, so I can practice maneuvers. I keep going wrong with reversing around corners!

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