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I was going through some old concepts for things I never finished, and old pieces of graphics I intended to be grand projects. I realised I am meant to have a road graphics project in order to be finished. So, today, I designed a new road surface for it. It’s not much, but it’s a lot better than the road I have on my website. I have decided to apply it to one of the old airports I made. I’m hoping to release that tomorrow, as well as make headway with the remainder of the sprites for the Frieght Station, and the concept for a big station for the glass station. I also found this, once a gargantuan project I finished, and, well, never got coded. It’s mean to lean into corners when it goes around them.


It’s meant to be the British Class 370, better known  as the APT, which was a failure as it’s tilting mechanisms failed.  The press had a field day and so it was doomed.

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The APT shared bogeys between carriages, so each end of the bogey was coupled to the end of each carriage. This meant less tilting mechanisms. It also meant the carriages were permanently coupled.

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