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have started. Argh. So far Iv’e had an English one and a Business Studies one. I have lots more to do next week, and one in the week after next. Then it is to France on Holeedays. woo. I have also decided (or been asked to by Mr Payne) to push back my driving test a few weeks, as the first time around I forgot to tell him about the holiday, so he assumed we would have five lessons to polish off and prepare. But since two of those lessons have disappeared into France, I am to push back two weeks. Yikes.

I’ve also gotten into Empire Earth. I went to town today after the exam. (Town is basically in the middle of town), and had a £5 one me when I saw it, it was only £4.99. I took it home and played it, and basically, its like Age of Empires, except it spans from Prehistoric times to into the future. Its basically a 3d AoE clone up to the Industrial Age.

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