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More Vice City Multiplayer.

I played. I played more. I played until I could play no more. Then did. Now I find myself as an admin on one of the most busiest servers out there. I get to kick and ban driveby abusers, cheaters and teamkillers alike.

In real life, Christmas approaches fast, and I missed Halloween (which is more of an American tradition anyway), and Bonfire night! Oh noes! For Christmas I just *might* possibly be getting a car. My brother has been nagging at my parents to buy me one (he has an obsession) but recently went suddenly quiet about it. Hintage? Possibly. I do know Im getting a PSP, so I can play the newest Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City stories. Since this will probably be the last blog post before Christmas, Merry Christmas!

Also, check out for some fun times, or if not, Try too a site that denounces as the crap it really is.

Oh yes. This blog can now be found at and although that last one makes noo sense!

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