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Camera additions

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

After the photos I took a few weeks back of the Alwen Dam, on Oct 5th, I think, I noticed the sun glare could easily be stopped with a lens hood. Just holding the one from the 55-200mm lens over the 18-55 doesn’t really work because the field of view just includes a dark circle, so I invested in the HB-45 lens hood. This is designed for the 18-55, and fits on the end quite nicely. I also bought a Hoya UV filter on a recommendation. I did, and after attempting to use it the wrong way for a while, the results can be seen in photos I took yesterday, here. But unlike that Jessops link for the lens hood, I didn’t pay £10.99 for one, I paid around £7.99 from, who were using some other company. Now though, they’re using another dealer who is selling for £19,99!

I also bought an ML-13 remote, which will allow for less button mashing when using a tripod, and self portraits. Amazon seems to have stopped selling this altogether. Must have been when the company who were selling for them withdrew.

Run up to Christmas

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Why does everyone start talking about Christmas when Summer ends? In the past few weeks I have heard or been in many Christmas related conversations. The nights are drawing in and getting dark, before we know it it’ll be Halloween and then bonfire night. My only real aim is to not crash my car over Winter, like last time!

Things are getting darker quick.