Its like Christmas but in March!

SNOW! Everywhere. In fact, there is nowhere where the snow is not there, if you catch my snowdrift. Anyway, the whole village is covered in the stuff, even the A525 is covered, and that is the main road. The good news is that this may affect my ability to go to college tomorrow. It has given even more throughout tomorrow, so they may cancel it incase students can’t get home again. Yes it is that deep, and living up a hill makes it worse.

EDIT: Screw that. a Gritter just made its way up the main road.
Also, today is St Davids Day, the Patron Saint of Wales, although I did nothing celebratory at all!

3 Responses to “Its like Christmas but in March!”

  1. Owen Rudge says:

    Shush, you, there is no snow here!

  2. GoneWacko says:

    There was some snow this morning (or technically, yesterday morning), but it was completely gone around noon.

  3. Born Acorn says:

    College WAS cancelled and I got the day off, as well as no teachers being in today.

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