A new car? For me? Why yes it is!

Wooo! A new car. It’s a nice car, it looks posh, but do not be fooled, it’s not!
It’s a Rover 25 1.4 Si 5dr Hatchback. Google it. No pictures until next Monday though, as it has to undergo random sales thingies. We got it from Neville Dicken’s Vauxhall Garage, right outside the Racecourse. Just google Neville Dickens to see how popular he is round these parts. He’s like a local hero.

5 Responses to “A new car? For me? Why yes it is!”

  1. Owen Rudge says:

    My car is currently sitting in a garage in Rhosesmor. It’s an old Ford Escort, but it’s cheap (well, it’s free), it’s large, and it’s fairly efficient! Woo.

  2. The Pilmoor says:

    Ooh a new Rover, swanky.

    beats my second hand Vauxhall Astra…

  3. Born Acorn says:

    Electric Sunroof as standard n all! :p

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