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Easy how people forget

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

A month ago today it was an extremely hot day. We had a few weeks of it being really hot for Britain, and everyone loved it.

A month later, people have completely forgotten this, and go back to the old “typical British weather” complaint.

August is forecast as wet. Shame.

Summer party

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

DSC_2263A night when a free bar is combined with luxurious facilities can only mean an amazing night out in which all are involved, the social barriers are broken down, and your arms end end up around random people you don’t know them, their name, or where they come from.

Images from this crazy night out can be found here. (You must have a Facebook account and be a friend of a friend)


Sunday, July 12th, 2009
The Great Orme Tramway has existed since 1902, and it, along with the San Francisco tram network, are the only remaining ones of their type.

The Great Orme Tramway has existed since 1902, and it, along with the San Francisco tram network, are the only remaining ones of their type.

Today I went to Llandudno, North Wales. It’s been a while, and now I have my camera, so I took that along with me. I coerced my parents into paying for one of the City Sightseeing tours, as there was one there. It went over to neighbouring Conwy too, and I got many images, all of which can be seen here.

The day began with a 9am start, which is early for a Sunday, for me! We made haste to the A55 and barrelled down it before the traffic could build. We saw many strange and classical cars from a range of locations and times driving along the A55, the strangest was when we were taken over by an Illinois registered muscle car. Getting to Llandudno at around 10:30, we put four hours on the pay and display, and went over to the pier. Every other time we’d have gone down it, but this time we stopped for the above tour, and that took an hour. We saw some interesting sights and learned some of the local history, a lot of which I already knew.

When we arrived back we went to a JD Wetherspoons for a meal. I remembered I wasn’t driving so I had a few pints around now. We then went over to the tram station and spent an hour and a half ascending, discovering, and descending the Great Orme, after which we headed back to the car and home again.

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of dust on the image sensor of my camera, evidenced in recent images. I’m going to have to buy an air blower to remove the dust, as touching it will make it worse. If that won’t do it, I’ve heard cleaning alcohol and a lint free cloth should work, but I really don’t want to touch the image sensor, so I may see if I can’t get it cleaned somewhere. Anyway, I’ve not done an image collage in a while, so here goes:
Conwy Castle
The lower section passing loopOwain Glyndwr statue.Leyland Tiger Cub


Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

My monitor died last week. It had a good run – Two and a half years. It seems to be heat issues, but this heat threshold at which it dies is rather low. So, a new one I have bought! The new one is a BenQ G2410HD, 23.6″ in size. I like it. HD programs are now worth the download. 1080p from here on out. The box wants it to be a 24″, but this isn’t true.

Now I have a good monitor, my next purchase should probably be a new graphics card. Saving £500 should be easy, for a top of the line card.