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A big update.

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Now, don’t panic. This is the same blog as operated by Chris Jones (Born_Acorn), so don’t think you’re lost. I just changed the theme.

It’s been roughly two and a half months since the last bloggeration, so I thought I’d do another one. I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I’ve drank a bit much and have absolutely nothing to do, so I’m writing one anyway.
In short, since the last time I blogged, there was the TT-Meet in Birmingham, which I did actually attend, theres some pictures in the gallery. Now, there aren’t many photos, and most of the ones there are poor. There is a good reason for this. I forgot my camera. So, what did I do? I bought one quickly from Argos before getting on the train to Birmingham. It was only cheap, the make was Vivitar, and I got what I paid for. At least the batteries were inclusive. The gallery link is here. There’s only five photos though.

I went to Spain. Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, to be specific, but they’re practically Spain anyway. There are pictures at my gallery too, taken with my old camera (an Olympus). While in Spain, I decided to upgrade my camera and purchase a better one. It’s apparently the best you can get before the SLR/DSLR cameras. I’d have gone better, but I’m still paying off my computer. I’m not exactly a camera buff anywho. Anyway, the gallery link is here. Only half the photos are there because the newer ones would eat too much space.

I’ve also installed a new processor for this computer – A Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. Hurray. When I bought the computer back in March, I skimped on the processor to save money. Well. Now I have money, and so bought a high end one when Intel brought down their prices last month.
Oh, and yesterday I bought myself a Half Life 2 T-Shirt, and wore it to work today. Hurray again.

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I quite like it myself. I might buy even more geeky T-Shirts.