Well, I forgot to mention it in my last post, but I failed the driving test on 2 serious faults. I had only a few minors. One serious fault was that I tried to sneak through a gap between parked cars and oncoming traffic (Successfully, but I got pointed anyway) after getting impatient after waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear for ages.

The second was that, on the junction of Westminster Drive and Park Avenue, I went over the white lines a bit. :O

But anyway, right after the test I set the date for the next one. 12th September, it is! My birthday is this week. (The 18th), and I’m supposed to be getting a car, which leaves almost three weeks of extra practice. As well as this, due to the loan my parents took out being large, I could very well be getting a laptop! weee!

6 Responses to “Meh”

  1. Owen Rudge says:

    Gah, my next driving lesson isn’t until the 19th September, due to my instructor being away on holiday amongst other things. My test probably won’t be until November at this rate…

  2. Born Acorn says:

    November is a whiles away! 😮

  3. Owen Rudge says:

    Alas, it is. I don’t know if November will actually be when it is, but let’s say there’s a month’s waiting list, and I have my lesson in September… probably won’t get it booked until sometime after then, so it’ll probably end up being November. 🙁

  4. GoneWacko says:

    Meh, I still haven’t contacted the driving school >:(

    I’m too shy to call them, for some reaosn.

  5. The Pilmoor says:

    Bit harsh giving a major for going over the lines 😮 On my test I nearly took a wrong turning onto the bypass and changed lanes last minute, but still passed!? Happy birthday for friday anywho, have a pint on me 🙂

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