As you can see, for some, strange, unrelated to me or what I did reason, the layout is utterly and completely borked.

BEAR WITH ME! While I try to get around the WordPress support site. (Which is a mess.)

EDIT: Yay. Fixed. The post under the one below had changed itself into a DIV format, which WordPress seemingly hates.

8 Responses to “Argh”

  1. GoneWacko says:

    I bet you used a wrong HTML (closing) tag somewhere that makes the layout render not-so-good.

  2. Born Acorn says:

    The post about the bridges strangely reformatted itself to a

    format when I changed it’s category. Strange, eh?
  3. GoneWacko says:

    Hint: use <div> instead of an actual div tag when you want to display an actual div tag, or you’ll get what you got.


  4. GoneWacko says:

    Argh, silly me.
    Use >&lt;div&gt; :p

  5. Born Acorn says:

    Yes, I did know, but I’d have to delete the post again, and the magic and continuation of this conversation would have been lost!

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