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A new car? For me? Why yes it is!

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Wooo! A new car. It’s a nice car, it looks posh, but do not be fooled, it’s not!
It’s a Rover 25 1.4 Si 5dr Hatchback. Google it. No pictures until next Monday though, as it has to undergo random sales thingies. We got it from Neville Dicken’s Vauxhall Garage, right outside the Racecourse. Just google Neville Dickens to see how popular he is round these parts. He’s like a local hero.

Birthday styles.

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Oh yeah! Go me! Its ma birthday!

I write this here blog post wearing a new watch, on a new laptop, awaiting my first car. Three nice pressies, well two, but one on the way. I shall also go to t’pub this evening  and buy a pint legally!

The laptop itself is nothing too good, but it’ll do until I can get a job and buy a better one. It’s a Compaq Presario V5000. Ive been testing it’s capabilities by playing Vice City and San Andreas on it. They run fast and cleanly, but the graphics capabilities leave much to be desired.


Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

As you can see, for some, strange, unrelated to me or what I did reason, the layout is utterly and completely borked.

BEAR WITH ME! While I try to get around the WordPress support site. (Which is a mess.)

EDIT: Yay. Fixed. The post under the one below had changed itself into a DIV format, which WordPress seemingly hates.


Monday, August 14th, 2006

Well, I forgot to mention it in my last post, but I failed the driving test on 2 serious faults. I had only a few minors. One serious fault was that I tried to sneak through a gap between parked cars and oncoming traffic (Successfully, but I got pointed anyway) after getting impatient after waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear for ages.

The second was that, on the junction of Westminster Drive and Park Avenue, I went over the white lines a bit. :O

But anyway, right after the test I set the date for the next one. 12th September, it is! My birthday is this week. (The 18th), and I’m supposed to be getting a car, which leaves almost three weeks of extra practice. As well as this, due to the loan my parents took out being large, I could very well be getting a laptop! weee!


Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

I got the road bridges working! A minor victory for me.

Driving test tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

I think I might do okay. Mr Payne (after killing Vlad, he thought he’d calm down), my driving instructor, says I only need keep a level head and not to forget priorities (meeting others). Hopefully, all will go well and I will pass. If not, I shall book back in with him next week for more lessons until I can get another test (which will be ASAP).

I’m quite annoyed, as I was meant to have a lesson today. I always do much better when I have consecutive lessons. (Two weeks ago), So I would have been ultra prepped tomorrow.

Also, it’s now only 18 days until thine Birthday! Wee.