Best. Mp3. Site. Ever

I swear by it now! Thanks to orudge, I have got 15_ tracks for under £2. These are new too! woo!

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  1. Owen Rudge says:

    It is a nice site, isn’t it? I prefer Ogg Vorbis, though. :mrgreen:

  2. Born Acorn says:

    I myself have been getting WMA files since you said they are better quality!

  3. Owen Rudge says:

    Better than MP3, yes, at 128kbps at least. Better than Vorbis, no. But then, your player plays not Vorbis, so you might as well do that.

  4. Melkur says:

    I was just wondering about the legality of this, because it seems too good to be true (and the site itself doesn’t really explain much about legality)

  5. Born Acorn says:

    Apparantly, its legal in Russia. :p

    Although I would rather pay very low prices for high quality songs than download low quality songs over p2p.

  6. Melkur says:

    OK, thanks, that’s about what I thought really. Maybe I’ll move to Russia to make it entirely legal. 🙂

  7. Owen Rudge says:

    I’ve used the site for over a year now without problems… as I say, it’s not exactly legal outside of Russia, but, well, it’s probably more legal than downloading stuff over P2P. 😉

  8. Born Acorn says:

    this postulation has had the most comments yet! Its a new record!

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