Age Of Empires 3 Demo

tis nice. I finished it and have a level 11 home city! Hurray! to get it for yourselves.

Remember, September 19th is International Talk like a Pirate Day. DO NOT MISS IT!

6 Responses to “Age Of Empires 3 Demo”

  1. Owen Rudge says:


    I believe that was nicked from ! You didn’t even trackback me! You smell!

    And I know, I haven’t mentioned the AoE 3 demo yet on the blog, but I did mention TLAPD. Twice. 🙂

  2. Born Acorn says:

    I did so not nick it! I had bookmarked! LIES unto you!

  3. Owen Rudge says:

    Oh, and it’s, not :mrgreen:

    Oh, and when did you bookmark, eh? Was it before last September? 😛

  4. Born Acorn says:

    Yes! It was! Last years thread on CDV-Board had a link :p

  5. Gdog says:

    Hm… generally I agree with you, but I wonder what our readers would tell.

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